Conference „Croatia – an attractive country for business?“, March 14th 2017, Zagreb

The Conference on business climate was organized by the Croatian Chamber of Economy for a second year in the row with the aim of addressing the most important obstacles entrepreneurs encounter in their everyday business activities and giving the relevant authorities a set of recommendations for the improvement of the overall business and investment climate.


The Conference was be opened by the Prime Minister of Croatia Mr. Andrej Plenković, while the representatives of business community, relevant ministries, diplomatic corps and foreign chambers is participated in the Conference.


The Croatian Prime Minister Mr. Andrej Plenković said that investors had recognised favourable economic trends and messages of stability and seriousness, which had made it possible for Croatia to obtain favourable loans on the international market and resulted in an improved outlook regarding the country’s credit rating. “One of the key points of our reform shall be the unification of inspection services. Right now, there are more than 50 of them and we think they should be more efficient and better coordinated”, stated PM Plenković on the business conference at the Croatian Chamber of Economy on March 14th.


The CCE’s president Mr. Luka Burilović emphasized the importance of the tax policy reform that in his view is the new Government’s first attempt to help the domestic economy. “Until recently, our taxes were the highest among the neighbouring countries, which was not very beneficial for our economy. Our entrepreneurs were leaving Croatia and the investors were refusing to do business here”, said Burilović. The Government’s Action plan for reducing the administrative burden is the crucial point on our way of improving the business climate, stated Burilović.


The German ambassador in Croatia H.E. Thomas Eberhard Schultze talked about the German impact on Croatian economic growth rate: “Many German companies contribute to your economy and we will continue to support the cooperation between the Croatian and German chambers.”


Vice President for International Affairs and EU Želimir Kramarić presented the results of the CCE’s survey on business climate conducted among entrepreneurs doing business in Croatia, and emphasized that although the business climate has improved in recent years (especially in the field of taxes and labour market), there is still a lot of room for improvement.


Beside the Plenary part, this year the Conference consisted of one panel on the subject of ease of doing business in Croatia. Besides the participation of the distinguished representatives of business community at the panel, Mr. Marinko Došen from AD Plastik Group, Mr. Ruđer Friganović from Elka ltd. and Mr. Alen Premužak, from Dalekovod Plc., the representatives of the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts, the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds and the Tax Administration addressed the topics of EU fund allocation, tax reform and obligations as well as overall business and investment climate in Croatia.