Public Call

for expression of interest in investments and a capital increase in the Company
JADRANKAMEN d.d. in bankruptcy, Personal Identification Number: 97012789464, Velo štroda 1, Pučišća
The bankruptcy proceedings were opened against the Company Jadrankamen d.d. on March 29, 2012, and by a resolution of the creditors passed by the Board of Creditors on September 07, 2017 the trustee in bankruptcy has been entrusted with the task of inquiring whether there is an interest in investments and a capital increase in the Company in order to be able to proceed with the final drafting of the bankruptcy plan.
Pursuant to the said resolution, we are calling hereby interested strategic partners and investors to express their interest in investments in the Company, i.e. a strategic partnership with the Company in order to sustain the further operations and increase the capital of the Company for the purpose of achieving the bankruptcy plan in accordance with Article 303 of the Bankruptcy Act (“Official Gazette” of the Republic of Croatia, No 71/2015).
Interested strategic partners and investors are requested to submit and expression of interest – offer of investment in the Company, which would be performed in the scope of the bankruptcy plan, for the purpose of the further operation of the Company, maintaining the concession rights for the exploitation and processing of architectural and building stone, which is of strategic importance for the town of Pučišće, the Brač island, the Split-Dalmatia County and the Republic of Croatia in general.


Each offer shall consist of the following:
1. proof of the applicant’s legal capacity:
a) for natural persons: a proof of financial resources (bank certificate certifying that said person has sufficient cash funds to invest in accordance with the investment plan),
b) for legal persons:
– certificate of registration with the Register of Companies, Trades, Crafts, or any other relevant register,
– document issued by banking and/or other financial institutions certifying, under the different laws of the respective country of the the applicant’s registered office, the solvency and liquidity of the economic operator (BON 2). The applicant must submit the audited financial reports for the last two years. In the event that the applicant is a financial institution, or a company whose founders are financial institutions, a binding decision of the investment committee, or any other responsible body of the financial institutions, approving of the investment shall constitute sufficient proof of their solvency and liquidity. The submitted documents must show at least that the applicant’s accounts have not been frozen over the last 12 months prior to the date of issue of the said documents and that the applicant has been duly settling its obligations.
2. investment plan for investments in the Company (debtor in bankruptcy) for a period of 3 to 5 years.
3. proof of payment of the amount of HRK 10,000.00 to the deposit account of the Commercial Court in Split opened with the HPB d.d. as the account number: HR 1623900011300000664, reference number: 12ST-46-2012.
The Company will provide the interested applicants who submitted a proof of payment of the amount of HRK 10,000.00 with the available documents and information about the Company so that they could submit an offer accordingly.
When submitting their respective application, applicants must provide the applicant’s contact details, the first and last name of the responsible person and the contact person, the registered office, phone number, e-mail address, and the application and all documents must be submitted in the Croatian language.


The application evaluation criteria are:
1. the amount and modalities of the investments in the Company,
2. the amount and the modalities of settlement of creditors (settlement plan).
Interested applicants are invited to submit their respective applications within 30 days upon the publication of this call.
Applications shall be submitted in a sealed envelope to the following address: Jadrankamen d.d. in bankruptcy, Velo štroda 1, Pučišća, with the mention “application for the public call”.
Upon receipt of the applications from the applicants, the trustee in bankruptcy reserves the right to request additional documents from the applicants in order to assess and clarify the applications. The trustee in bankruptcy will evaluate the applications together with the Board of Creditors in accordance with the application evaluation criteria. Upon examination, the applications will be presented to the Board of Creditors for a final decision, of which the applicants shall be notified.
The trustee in bankruptcy reserves the right not to accept any application without the provision of any further explanation.
Additional information may be obtained by contacting the trustee in bankruptcy on working days from 08:00 to 15:00 under 098 251 181 or by e-mail at: