CCE activities related to COVID-19

Due to the spread of COVID-19 in Croatia, neighbouring countries and worldwide, as well as the expected impact of the new situation on the domestic economy, Croatian Chamber of Economy, through a separate section of the web site ( regularly informs entrepreneurs about the development of the situation and the details that affect their business.

Several general information and daily recommendations for the preservation of health, as well as sector-specific guidance focused on the problems faced by particular industries are being published on the web site and communicated to the members.

A special e-mail address for coronavirus inquiries was opened (, and a special procedure was established by the CCE Contact Center to resolve queries from member companies (member line – CCE – competent authority – member).

In order to get insight into the consequences of COVID-19 and the most common problems to the business sector in Croatia, the Croatian Chamber of Economy conducted three inter-company surveys during February and March. The most recent survey shows that coronavirus has an increasing negative impact on the domestic economy, with micro companies most affected. As many as 95 companies surveyed report a drop-in turnover, with 28 percent having a 100 percent drop. Three quarters (74 percent) reported a decline in production, of which a fifth (21 percent) had a 100 percent decline. The results of the surveys are communicated with the public and relevant authorities.

CCE is involved in drafting measures to assist the economy to mitigate the consequences of the situation, especially aimed at productive and export-oriented sectors of the economy and preserving liquidity.

For preventive reasons, the CCE has postponed several activities planned to be held during March and April this year.