Croatia in numbers

Croatia at a glance

Official nameThe Republic of Croatia
GovernmentParliamentary democracy
Population4.4 million (52% female, 48% male)
Official languageCroatian
Land area56,594 km2
Territorial organization20 counties and the City of Zagreb
Local timeGMT+1
Major cities (population)
ClimateContinental, Mediterranean and Mountainous
Currencykuna (HRK)
Telephone code385
Country code

Economic indicators

GDP (2018)51.49 bn EUR
GDP per capita (2018)12,640 EUR (Compare)
Inflation (2018)1.5%
Unemployment rate (ILO, 2018)9.4%
Average net salary (2018)840 EUR
Export (2018)14.52 bn EUR
Import (2018)23.66 bn EUR
FDI (1993-2018)33.7 bn EUR
Exchange rate HRK (2018)EUR 7.41
Exchange rate HRK (2018)USD 6.28